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Business Innovators

We want to be highlight HOW business is still happening. How our local rock stars have altered the way they do business or deliver on their line of work. We do not want you to give up, rather be hopeful and resilient!

Please check back here often for new testimonials and blogs featuring positive news in our community. We are Stronger Together!

Business Innovators Share Their Stories

" We're pivoting! It's been vitally important to the survival of small businesses. Wander Unlimited is helping its local clients navigate this new business environment by pivoting all of our marketing communications efforts and building new e-commerce solutions. We've added e-commerce functionality to their sites, developed new messaging and creative to help them stay relevant and open. We've been a productive, remote team for more than 4 years and have it down. Remote meetings, #slack, all the tools of a remote team, we've got it nailed."

Crisis management. Public relations. Business strategy, E-commerce solutions. Excellent design.

Trevor & Sarah Noel
Wander Unlimited

"To support our community, we have hired 2 additional employees. We make regular deliveries of free pizzas to all of our first responders in the community (Sheriff, Fire, etc.) as well as free weekly pizzas to the Senior Care Center. 

We are having our delivery cars re-wrapped next week and joining with many local restaurants in the community to provide food delivery services for the restaurants that cannot afford to do so.

We are open for take out & delivery. See our menu at "

Glen Fountain
Anthony's Pizza & Pasta

"Evergreen Medical Acupuncture has recently launched our new business: Dr. Fick's Functional Farmacy which is Dr. Christina Fick's own custom brand of high-quality, low-cost herbal, supplement and cosmetic store! No need to physically go into the store to get amazing quality supplements, just schedule a pickup time on her website and pick up your herbs curbside! Not sure what you might need? Schedule a Functional Medicine phone appointment or a video Telemedicine appointment online."

Dr. Christina Fick
Evergreen Medical Acupuncture

"As the needs to have crystal clear messaging for a business’ online presence have quickly become substantially more important, Frozen Fire has added to its service offerings the ability to launch a website in less than 7 days with no out of pocket costs and also implement an online ordering system within 48 hours.  Prior to March 15, this was not something we were offering, but now, it is one of the biggest needs the community is requesting us to assist with.  

Our focus is set on the future and what we can do today to best position our customers for what we believe is coming next​."

Brad Davis, Chief Executive Officer
Frozen Fire

"Up until a few weeks ago, my local clients came to see me in person at my Evergreen office. But now, I’m “seeing” clients virtually, offering free virtual classes, and have even created a Facebook project, Self-Discovery Distraction, to offer viewers a glimpse into the coaching process as a way to expand their sense of Self, and to provide a healthy distraction. Not bad for an introvert!"

Candace O'Brien

"Replacing in-person Focus Groups, we've gone totally virtual by supporting businesses that are pivoting via bi-weekly virtual coffee chats. Join the conversation as we discuss insights and next-steps for adapting to the new norm. Opportunity is right in front of you, so take action now! @ 9 AM Wednesdays and Fridays"

Mic Helms

"We’ve had to find creative ways to continue our business. GYMGUYZ has switched to virtual personal training. Our coaches are still able to hold clients accountable, interact, correct form and motivate.

We also offer free Facebook Live workouts every Friday! We want all to continue fitness during this difficult time."

Barbara Garey
GYMGUYZ Evergreen

"PANDEMIC. The word alone causes STRESS! It's time for radical self-care as it affects our bodies, minds, health, and our children. Kris Vallin, at The Artistry of Success has re-focused her business with clinically proven stress release methods to access CALM, during these unprecedented times. She now uses Facebook Lives for broader impact. Join her Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays on the Artistry of Success Facebook page at 5 pm MST to quiet down the the stress with a quick and effective session for free!"

Kris Vallin
Artistry of Success


"One of my favorite parts of Sweetwater Boutique is building relationships with the customers that walk through the door. That obviously looks a bit different these days, but I still do my best to find gorgeous new pieces to fit everyone’s style and budget, while giving everyone a positive and fun shopping experience. Whether that’s through watching my live Facebook videos, browsing our website, or offering one on one video shopping.

Turning to social media and promoting myself and Sweetwater Boutique is definitely out of my comfort zone, but it’s better than the alternative - not making it through this tough time. For now, our doors will remain closed, but our store is still very much open to our wonderful community."

Chelsea Treinen

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Staying Positive! Featured Blogs by our Members

Inspiring stories or advice from fellow businesses about how to cope during COVID-19.
Want to share? Email a word document of your 500-1000 word blog and a photo to [email protected]

Daddy’s Homemade, “Naturally, he knows best” is catching on as a locally homemade and healthier option for families

Dannie is a stay at home dad who wants the kids to eat healthier, especially during breakfast. So, he started experimenting with syrups – mixing, matching, and calculating all-natural ingredients and flavors. Our daughter is the pickiest eater, so when she approved the taste, we knew we were onto something. With the encouragement of Dannie’s…

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Thinking Outside the Box When You Are Encouraged To Stay In One . . .

Life for all of us has been turned upside down.  The quarantine life has been a challenge nationally, locally and personally.  Most of us find being confined to our home a great sacrifice.  All done for the well-being of humanity protecting the like of our residents who, because of advanced age and co-morbidity are highest…

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Adapt or Die: How to Maintain Relevance Through Economic Upheaval

There’s a lovely little eatery down the road from me called Willow Creek Restaurant. It maintains a charming ambiance and serves delicious American fare. (I’ve got a soft spot for their spring mushroom gnocchi.) Willow Creek — like the rest of the decimated restaurant industry — has faced adversity in the wake of coronavirus. But it’s…

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4 Tips So Your Business Survives COVID-19

How do you stay afloat until this shutdown is lifted? We’ve put together some tips to help guide you in this second message on how to Survive COVID. 1. Explore all the economic resources available to businesses right now. From the U.S. Small Business Administration to your local, state and federal economic relief programs, there…

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Thoughts on Working From Home

How are you doing with this “new normal?” With everything that’s been going on, many of us are adjusting to all sorts of newness with our families, schedules, and work life. I’ve worked from home a great deal over the last 20 years or so. For the most part, it’s worked well for me but…

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COVID-19: A “Howl-to”

Have you heard it?  I have.  For the first time, a few nights back.  Doors closed, windows shut, and I’m hearing what sounds like an elk in distress. I step outside, and there it is again–but this time unmistakably human.  And then it clicks: the 8pm community “howl” to honor our brave medical professionals, first responders and essential-service…

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Business Positioning for the Future

The world is changing. COVID-19 is impacting everyone’s daily lives, in both big ways and in small. This pandemic has forced businesses to evolve. This is especially true for businesses that rely on foot traffic and group entertainment. While many of you may be focused on making it through the short term, it is just…

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Each Day a New Dawn

Letting go of our need to resist the new, the different, and the
 unfamiliar — allows us to move forward incrementally —
 to eventually embrace it. — Jani McCarty   This isn’t the first time I’ve experienced an uninvited, unwanted period of reckoning. I remember another time of great upheaval -which for me – was…

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3 Reasons to Update Your Website During the COVID-19 Crisis

Companies across the country have been making sweeping changes to the way they do business. Regardless of size or industry, the Coronavirus has affected every American and the business impacts will reach well into the future. Direct communication through your website is one of the best ways to keep your customers informed, happy and engaged with your…

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Red Rocks Community College’s IDEA Lab Answers a Call for Help During COVID 19

News Release- In these uncertain times, the students, alumni, and staff in the IDEA Lab at Red Rocks Community College are providing their expertise to address the shortage of medical equipment and parts in urgent need in our community.  On Thursday, March 19, an email was sent by a CU Anschutz doctor with a plea…

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Social Distancing + Remote Work Tips

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, many organizations have moved to incorporate social distancing recommendations, including remote working. This includes most schools across the United States closing in-person classes, and now many parents find themselves, not only working remotely, but trying to do so while educating their children. It can be overwhelming, even for us—and…

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