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Evergreen Movement Studio

Evergreen Movement Studio is the only place in Evergreen to offer the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®. We teach one-on-one exercise lessons to help you gain strength and mobility in a unique, supported process. Typically, one might find a Gyrotonic “tower,” as they are called, in a larger gym setting in a bustling city, but not anymore! Evergreen is lucky enough to have this enjoyable, challenging and eloquent practice brought locally, to Bergen Village. Anna Timmons is a certified Gyrotonic trainer, International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) certified, as well as an established board certified Rolfer™ for over 8 years. As an Evergreen Chamber member, Anna's Evergreen business is locally owned and operated.

At Evergreen Movement Studio, we know what it’s like to be
slowed down due to pain and injuries, lack of strength and a reduction of
mobility. In turn, this can create an unhappy, less fulfilled, anxiety induced
life. We are geared to help you reach your health goals and live your life in a
pain free, mobile body. These 55-minute movement experiences will take you
through a wide range of motion and gently guide you into your movement
restrictions. The exercise is very low-impact, fluid and tailored to your
unique needs.

The experience blends exercise, therapy, movement and play
by utilizing custom designed equipment that incorporates spiraling, circular,
fluid-like motions. Hungarian Juliu Horvath has designed and carefully crafted
this movement for over 40 years and counting. His own injuries lead him to
study and create this unique method that now encompasses over 13,000 trainers
in 84 countries.

It gently takes the body’s joints through a natural range of
motion without jarring or compressing. It feels fun, creative and playful, much
like recess used to. Although Juliu was a professional dancer, it remains a
highly adaptable practice for dancers, athletes, seniors, and those with
injuries or pain (and any combination of these). The refinement and
attentiveness of movement can help reduce persistent pain patterns.

The lessons are private, which gives you the incredible
opportunity to exercise and move in your individual ways with the attention and
guidance Anna provides. Each of us are incredibly unique, so we all move in
very different ways. The equipment used helps Anna guide people and move into
their mobility “blind spots,” the places that are unfamiliar or challenging.
This is where change occurs. Whether you want to increase your flexibility,
reduce pain, increase performance or all of the above, slow articulate movement
with hands on cueing might be exactly what you need.

The Gyrotonic exercise method becomes a craving, a
habit-forming process in order to learn more, feel better and move with less
restriction. This powerful treatment is one of self-discovery which works best
when we are willing to be curious, playful, and challenge ourselves to gently
nudge into places of limitation. This is a detail-oriented approach that
overlays and imprints upon the bigger everyday movements that make up our
lives. Think, turning your head to drive your car, bend to pull on your socks,
ski the bumps with flow, ride with power, reach the top shelf with ease, etc. It’s
a gift that allows us to move with more agility, acuity, grace and power. Uninhibited
movement truly makes life easier.

If this sounds like something you would like to experience
in your own body, come try a few sessions. Anna is happy to help answer any
initial questions you may have and give you the best possible movement
experience. You’re only one movement lesson away from a good mood.

Anna can be reached by phone or text at 303-807-4980 and is located at 1262 Bergen Village, next to Mountain View Physical Therapy. To learn more or see the movement in action, please visit

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