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Wildfire Preparedness

Evergreen & Conifer rank #1 in Colorado and in the top 10 nationally for risk of property loss to wildfire. Paradise, CA, was #1 nationally.
Read below to find out how you can protect your home, get involved, and be prepared in the event of a wildfire.

State Government Efforts

Jefferson County Wildfire Risks, Challenges, & Priorities

Wildfire Risks

  • Impact of 100,000-acre wildfire in west Jeffco:
    10,000 homes in the fire footprint
    100 businesses destroyed
    60,000 people evacuated
    $5-10 billion in losses
    $250 million in direct and indirect costs

Source: Jeffco Wildfire Study Session, May 2019


  • Increase in emergency calls as residents age
  • Greater challenges mitigating property
    (fixed incomes, increased costs)
  • Decrease in availability of volunteer firefighters from local communities
  • Declining resources


  • Wildfire mitigation
  • Community awareness efforts
  • Planning and Zoning
    • Hardening homes
    • Sign policy
    • ROWs

Presentation by Lesley Dahlkemper, Jefferson County Commissioner

Jefferson County Wildfire Preparedness Efforts

Jeffco Open Space

  • 48,000 acres of open space (16,000 acres are forested land)
  • $2,500 to mitigate one acre (mechanical thinning)
  • 250+ acres slated for mitigation in 2019-23; $1M budgeted

Where: Flying J Ranch, Alderfer, Reynolds, Meyer Ranch

Partners: Denver Mountain Parks, CO State Forest Service, Evergreen Fire Protection Dist., Elk Creek Fire Dist., Jefferson Conservation Dist., private landowners

Jeffco Sheriff’s Emergency Management Team and Mitigation Education

Jeffco Slash Program

Unhealthy forest on the left, Healthy forest on the right.

How Can I Get Involved?

Jeffco Wildfire Risk Reduction Task Force
Lesley Dahlkemper, Jefferson County Commissioner

The Jeffco Wildfire Risk Reduction Task Force is comprised of 30+ stakteholders, including Evergreen Fire & Rescue, County Leaders (Jeffco Open Space, Planning & Zoning, Sheriff’s Office, Public Affairs, ect.), community members, local business, forestry services and more.

90 minute meetings are held monthly, on the 3rd Thursday, from 2:00-2:30 pm at the Jeffco Admin Building, and are open to the public.

Jeffco Wildfire Risk Reduction Task Force

Is Your Neighborhood part of a CWPIP?

Visit the Evergreen Fire Rescue Wildfire Prevention web page for detailed Community Wildfire Protection Implementation Plans & Maps.

If your area isn't listed, don't wait for disaster to strike! Work with your neighbors to get a CWPIP for your area.


  • Make sure your neighborhood is working on a plan.
  • Make a plan with your employees.
  • EVERYONE will be impacted.

A statewide effort, that starts with your neighborhood!
Landowners all over Colorado are taking actions to reduce their wildfire risk. Learn about the work the Windcliff community in Estes Park has been doing to encourage community involvement in wildfire mitigation efforts.

John Putt, Wildfire Education Coordinator, Mountain Metro Association of Realtors

What Can I Do To Protect My Home?

Defensible Space

Your home is located in a dynamic environment that is always changing. Trees, grasses, and shrubs continue to grow, die, or are damaged, and drop their leaves and needles each season. Just like your home, the defensible space around it requires regular, ongoing maintenance to be effective.

Colorado State Forest Service